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WandaVision debut joins The Mandalorian in the Top 10 chart

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The WandaVision debut made The Nielsen Top 10 streamed, original content list in its first week, joining The Mandalorian

Good news for Disney+ as the double episode launch of WandaVision reached number 6 in the Top 10 streamed (original) list. With The Mandalorian still there (just) at number 10, this gave them two titles in the top 10 for the first time. It’s worth breaking this down a little, so here (from the Nielsen link above) are the top 10:

Position Who Title Episodes Minutes (millions)
1 Netflix Bridgerton 8 1,386
2 Netflix Cobra Kai 30 1,005
3 Netflix Night Stalker 4 867
4 Netflix Lupin 5 494
5 Netflix Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 36 442
6 Disney+ WandaVision 2 434
7 Netflix Disenchantment 30 401
8 Netflix The Crown 40 394
9 Netflix Virgin River 20 340
10 Disney+ The Mandalorian 16 339

On these figures, it’s a return to the top for Bridgerton, and a respectable second for Cobra Kai. It is worth taking some account of what this is measuring — millions of minutes. How does this compare with how many people watched the show? Does that even matter? Given there’s no way of telling (except through spyware and/or magic) how many people are in the room when a show is screen, it’s worth bearing in mind WandaVision launched with two short episodes (around 30 minutes each). Each Bridgerton episode is around that long, so with eight episodes in the hit Regency romance, should we divide its figure by 8 or even 16?

Whatever the approach, these are good figures for the WandaVision debut and we look forward to seeing how they develop. For now we’ve just had Halloween in episode 6 (pictured) and things are getting somewhat tense as Vision tries to understand what exactly is happening and Wanda deals with the twins’ newly developed superpowers. When he figures it all out we’ll let you know!