What If...? T'Challa Star Lord (Chadwick Boseman)

Chadwick Boseman honoured with a posthumous Emmy

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The Black Panther star has won for his voice over role in Marvel’s What If…? 

Although he sadly passed away in August 2020, actor Chadwick Boseman has been honoured with an Emmy win: the award for Outstanding Character Voice-Over performance.

Boseman was nominated for his voice-over role as T’Challa in the Marvel What If…? series which takes a multiverse view of the comic universe, looking at the paths not taken.

What If...? T'Challa became Star Lord (Chadwick Boseman)

Leading the episode ‘What if T’Challa became Star Lord?’, we saw his character take on the life Peter Quill enjoyed, having a profoundly positive effect on the universe.

This iteration of his character then returned for the series’ final episodes too, and he also appeared as Black Panther in other episodes throughout the run.

Taylor Simone Ledward, Chadwick Boseman’s wife, accepted his award saying:

“When I learned Chad was nominated, I started thinking of everything that was going on in the world and our world and being so in awe of his commitment and dedication and what a beautiful moment that one of the last things he would work on was something so important to him and to the world but also something new. You can’t understand your purpose unless you ask what if? What if the universe is conspiring in my favor? What if it’s me? Chad would be so honored and I am honored on his behalf.”

What If…?

Two further seasons of Marvel’s What If…? are in the works, as well as a Zombies spin-off show.  In the meantime, you can catch Chadwick Boseman’s winning performances in Season 1 on Disney+.

Bosman’s character is not being recast, but instead honoured onscreen in the forthcoming Black Panther sequel Wakanda Forever. It’s due for a November 2022 in cinemas, with an emotive trailer released last in July: