Class – Doctor Who’s YA spin-off returns for an audio special

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Big Finish are bringing back lovers Charlie and Matteusz. 

It’s been a while since there’s been anything to report from the world of Class. However, the Capaldi-era Doctor Who spin-off, set at the Coal Hill Academy turns six years old today.

The show, devised by Patrick Ness, followed the lives and loves of a group of teens attending Coal Hill when the Doctor relocated two alien survivors there – Charlie Smith and the formidable Miss Quill. With their friends, they dealt with the twin threats of adolescence and alien invasion.

While not universally loved, it was a show we always felt was brimming with potential.

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To mark the anniversary, audio producers Big Finish have announced a new Class story.

Set for release in January 2023, Class: Secret Diary of a Rhodian Prince will see Charlie (Greg Austin) as he candidly reveals the trauma of relocating to Earth. He’ll also lift the lid on the details of his romance with Matteusz (Jordan Renzo).

Here’s the synopsis:

What’s it like being an alien stranded on a strange planet in the aftermath of a genocide? What would you think of Earth’s culture? What’s it like falling in love with a human when you only met one just the other week? Who is the Doctor? 

And what happens if your secret diary falls into the wrong hands…?

In Secret Diary of a Rhodian Prince we find out what Charlie really thought about his life on Earth and hear the bits you never got to see.

Class: Secret Diary of a Rhodian Prince cover art

The story is written and produced by Blair Mowat, the show’s composer, who says:

“Class is back! Patrick Ness created the most wonderful characters in Charlie and Matteusz and I always wanted to know a little bit more about how they met, how they fell in love and what it was like for Charlie adjusting so suddenly to life on Earth. 

The format of a diary really allows us to see his experiences through a very personal lens and lets us jump quickly between different events. We dive into his past, his present and maybe even his future. In regard to what comes next, anything is possible…”

The release of Class: Secret Diary of a Rhodian Prince is strictly limited to a pressing of 1,000 CDs. It’s available to pre order now, both on CD and download from Big Finish.

Audio Adventures

Although Class only lasted one season on screen, the show has enjoyed an audio afterlife. Big Finish have released four volumes of adventures, 12 more stories set within that original season, expanding the lives of the characters.

They’ve even linked the show back to Coal Hill’s history, with the appearance of a Dalek and former Doctor Who companion Ace (Sophie Aldred). Disappointingly, they’ve not tackled that season ending cliff hanger – although we remain ever hopeful.

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