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Torchwood: Double Part 2 audio review

The 1970’s iteration of Torchwood continues as Roberta Craven handles the Nestene threat in her own idiosyncratic way.   In the first part of Torchwood: Double we met the organisation’s 1970s boss, Roberta Craven. A former spy with bags of attitude, she carries a burden of guilt around from her former career. On top of … >

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Class: Secret Diary of a Rhodian Prince cover art crop

Class – Secret Diary of a Rhodian Prince audio review

The Doctor Who spin-off returns with a diarized tale which threads its way through the show… and beyond.   Class, the 2016 Doctor Who teen spin-off from Patrick Ness came and went like a summer cloud on television. While we enjoyed it, it’s fair to say that the show didn’t reach its full potential. Arguably, primarily … >

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Torchwood: Double Part 1 audio review

It’s another new era for Torchwood, as 1970s head Roberta Craven deals with an oily Auton threat Since landing on audio in 2015, Big Finish has been industriously filling out the Torchwood timeline past and future. However, the closest we’ve come to the 1970s is ‘The Dollhouse’, a one-off Charlie’s Angels inspired tale based in … >

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Class – Doctor Who’s YA spin-off returns for an audio special

Big Finish are bringing back lovers Charlie and Matteusz.  It’s been a while since there’s been anything to report from the world of Class. However, the Capaldi-era Doctor Who spin-off, set at the Coal Hill Academy turns six years old today. The show, devised by Patrick Ness, followed the lives and loves of a group … >

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Class: The Audio Adventures Volumes 3 and 4 review

Class: The Audio Adventures continues the world of Doctor Who’s teen spin-off, with two further volumes of audio afterlife. Focussed on the exploits of a group of Sixth-Formers at the Coal Hill Academy, plus a couple of alien refugees, the Patrick Ness helmed series created some compelling characters in an all-too-brief run on TV. While … >

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Torchwood Aliens Among Us 3 cover art crop

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us Part 3 audio boxset review

Big Finish’s Torchwood Series 5, Aliens Among Us, draws to a close across a third box set of four stories.  Set in a Cardiff radically altered since the heyday of the television show, the resurgent Torchwood work from the remnants of their hub, dealing with alien threats in a city riven with immigration issues and … >

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Class: soundtrack to Doctor Who series nearly ready

Composer Blair Mowat has taken to his Twitter account, to confirm that he’s nearly done on putting together a disc of his score for Class. The Doctor Who spin-off series, as you likely know, was brought to an end after just one series – leaving a cliffhanger behind too – but thankfully this hasn’t stopped … >

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