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DB Woodside talks Lucifer season 5 and season 6

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DB Woodside (Lucifer’s brother Amenadiel in the hit show) has given am extensive interview to Collider — we tempt you with some highlights…

DB Woodside has joined in with the (welcome) barrage of publicity around the arrival of Lucifer season 5B on Netflix (see our review). We recommend the interview to any fan of the show, and will drop some hints here, letting you read the actual article at source.

The interview focusses on Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam, but soon moves to other topics. This includes Amenadiel’s other song and dance routine in the season finale, and it’s interesting to compare how different the approach was to singing in the two episodes. Wider aspects of season 5 are discussed, along with Dennis Haysbert (who plays God) — Woodside worked with him before on 24 and was very pleased at his casting. This all provides a reason to talk about Amenadiel’s concerns about his son Charlie and other identity issues.

DB Woodside talks Lucifer season 6

As a retrospective on the filming of the recent episodes, the interview is worth reading, but there’s also a lot of coverage of season 6 (at least Amenadiel and his own aspects). One first is he will be directing for the first time (episode 8 Save the Devil, Save the World), and the interview discusses his long-standing interest in directing, and how he found the experience.

Most interesting of all is the direction Amenadiel takes. One of the transitions we noted in the final episodes of season 5B was Amenadiel turning down the idea of becoming God and wanting a role in the police department. This is very much happening and DB Woodside gives some frank opinions on US policing and his own experiences, explaining why they made him reluctant (at first) the to the idea of Amenadiel joining the force.

As we said at the top, the interview is highly recommended and we urge you to visit the link above. Meanwhile we’ll just keep looking out for more interviews with the cast!