Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston is doing his first ever convention signing

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Over the past year or so, Christopher Eccleston has been far more open about his time on Doctor Who, and where things went wrong for him with the show.

He’s to this point resisted doing conventions and panels since his single series in the TARDIS, and had previously given the impression of distancing himself from the show.

More recently though, he’s been open about how he felt following his departure, and how he felt he kept his word not to discuss where it went wrong for him, even as others didn’t.

The next sign that he’d made peace with the past is the announcement that he’s doing his first ever convention signing appearance. He’s been added to the line-up for this July’s London Film & Comic Con, organised by Showmasters. What’s more, this is distinctly Doctor Who-related, with amongst the available items being a photo shoot with Eccleston outside a TARDIS exterior.

It’ll cost you – yikes – £95 to meet Eccleston and get his autograph. More details can be found here