Doctor Who: Colin Baker reckons Peter Capaldi got a rough deal

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Colin Baker is one of the many former Doctors who has been effusive in his praise of Jodie Whittaker’s casting in the show. Whittaker, of course, becomes the 13th Doctor this Christmas.

In a further chat with Digital Spy, though, Baker has also shared his view that Peter Capaldi has had something of a rough deal from the show’s fanbase.

“The fans weren’t very kind to Peter Capaldi, because they’d been conditioned to want eye candy”, he told the site. “The first and second and third Doctors… none of them were eye candy. They were strong, definite characters”. He did tease that Peter Davison had eye-candy qualities, “but don’t tell him I said that”.

Baker added that his own plan for his Doctor was for the character “to reveal his true self later on, but the plan was somewhat stymied by the powers-that-be at the BBC, who didn’t like the programme”.

Baker, infamously, didn’t film his own regeneration scene. The attempt to cover that was not the BBC’s finest hour…