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Doctor Who: composer Murray Gold confirms his depature

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Composer Murray Gold has officially confirmed that he’s left Doctor Who

It’s official: as we reported back in November, composer Murray Gold has now confirmed that he has indeed left Doctor Who.  He made the announcement at the Gallifrey One convention in the US over the weekend. Last year’s Christmas special, Twice Upon A Time, was indeed his last work on the show.

November 18th 2017

As part of the shake-up behind the scenes of Doctor Who, we understand from multiple sources that composer Murray Gold has left the series. Gold has been doing the music for Doctor Who since the show returned to our screens in 2005. It’s unknown who will be taking over composer duties for series 11.

The reasons for his departure are not clear, although it seems that new showrunner Chris Chibnall wants to bring in a lot of his own team behind the scenes. It’s likely that Gold’s departure is a consequence of that, and from what we understand, he was happy to remain with the show if wanted.

There’s been no official confirmation of this story from the BBC, but we first heard the rumour a couple of months ago, and since then, we have established that it’s true. It’s just coming to light now courtesy of a tabloid rumour in the Mirror today.

To clarify: this story, from our own sources, is 100% correct. Obviously can’t name those sources. We’ve held off running it (and we’ve known for a good month or two) as people are understandably not keen to go on the record, but as The Mirror ran the piece, there seemed little point holding our piece back.

Murray Gold’s last episode will be the Christmas special, Twice Upon A Time.