Doctor Who fans and creatives respond with resourcefulness to pandemic

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Doctor Who fans, writers and other creatives are responding to the isolation experienced by fans and their fellow creatives during the social distancing necessitated by the spread of highly contagious the COVID-19 virus.

Doctor Who Magazine writer Emily Cook has organized a worldwide The Day of the Doctor watch-along.

So take your DVD off the shelf or find it on your streaming platform and watch along with Steven Moffat, Ingrid Oliver and many other fans on Saturday, March 21 at 19:00 GMT.

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Kerblam and Praxeus writer Pete McTighe offers to write an anthology of two-minute Twitter monologues for actors.

Printable coloring pages pages are offered by @ginoodle.

More free fan art coloring pages can be found here.

Director Rachael Talalay will post photos from her personal archive in the upcoming days.

We will continue to add to this article as more Doctor Who fans and creatives join in the virtual community to combat the isolation experienced from the pandemic.