Doctor Who fans and creatives respond with resourcefulness to pandemic

Doctor Who fans, writers and other creatives are responding to the isolation experienced by fans and their fellow creatives during the social distancing necessitated by the spread of highly contagious the COVID-19 virus. Doctor Who Magazine writer Emily Cook has organized a worldwide The Day of the Doctor watch-along. #SaveTheDay WE NEED THE DOCTOR! This … >

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Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles cover artwork

The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles audio review

The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles brings Big Finish into Doctor Who’s recent past for more partially-narrated adventures. The first foray into this era outside of the fully narrated Short Trips range, these stories star Jacob Dudman, the remarkable vocal mimic who has also lent his voice to both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. He is joined … >

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Transference - Big Finish

Transference review

Easily the most ambitious Big Finish Originals audio drama to date, conspiracy thriller Transference presents itself as a pretty demanding listen. Weighing in with a total runtime of eight hours, and commanding a significant price tag (for a digital-download-only release), Big Finish are expecting a significant investment from the company’s loyal listeners for what is … >

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UNIT Series 8: Incursions review

First appearing in 2013’s The Power Of Three, the modern incarnation of UNIT enjoyed a smattering of appearances onscreen with both the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, dealing with Zygons, Missy and her Cyber-minions. On audio they have been rather more prolific, notching up eight boxsets of adventures which have featured a mix of old enemies … >

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UNIT Series 7 Revisitations audio review

As the title of this latest (seventh) UNIT boxset from Big Finish suggests, this collection of stories is about things we’ve met before. What this set does is take that idea and put it in the hands of some different writers from the bulk of Big Finish’s recent new-Who releases. How did they do? First … >

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UNIT Cyber Reality boxset review

Six box sets in, and with Autons, Silurians and Sea Devils, The Silence, Daleks and Sontarans already faced, it was inevitable that Kate Stewart’s UNIT team would tackle the Cybermen at some point. Of course, they did so onscreen in Dark Water/Death In Heaven, but these stories are set earlier. Picking up on the story … >

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