Doctor Who, Fugitive of the Judoon: behind the scenes

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The BBC released two videos of filming of the fifth episode of Doctor Who Series 12, Fugitive of the Judoon.

Cast and crew members speak of filming with the Judoon at Gloucester Cathedral.

And behind the scenes with John Barrowman playing Captain Jack Harkness at another cathedral, Clifton Cathedral in Bristol. The chairs were removed, a console was built over the altar and a few props were added to set-dress the cathedral as a stolen alien spaceship.

Curiously, the Captain Jack scenes were filmed in October of 2019 by the director of the two-part Series 12 finale, consisting of Episodes 9 and 10, Jamie Magnus Stone. Nida Manzoor is the main director of Fugitive of the Judoon, the bulk of which was filmed in May and early June of 2019. Lee Haven Jones was filming a yet-to-be-announced Doctor Who special during the month of October 2019. John Barrowman told Radio Times that he filmed some scenes in a studio during that time so Captain Jack could be in some yet-to-be-aired scenes in addition to the scenes filmed for Fugitive of the Judoon on location in Bristol.

Cast, crew and creatives shared their experiences on social media.

Writer Vinay Patel shared this beautiful shot.

Millennium FX shared a video and some photos of their amazing animatronics and helmut for Pol-ConDon.


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Some behind the scenes pics of “Pol-Kon-Don” the Judoon Captain played by Paul Kasey and voiced by Nicholas Briggs from last night’s epic “Fugitive of the Judoon” ep of Doctor Who. Animatronic designed by Tim Pratt, lip synch puppeteered on set by @adyfparish, assisted by @josephandrew55. Original sculpt from 2007 by @martin_rezard but the updated concept for this variant was by @goodman_artist_director. Art finish and hair work by @niki_de_jong_fx. We had an awesome team working to get the thirteen year old suits look brand spanking new. Go Team! #judoon #doctorwho #fugitiveofthejudoon #mohawk #animatronics #creaturefx #creatures #concepts #rhino #practicalfx #puppet #puppeteering #lipsynch #goteam #teamwork #dwmonsters #doctorwhomonsters #spaceforce #spacepolice #doctorwhoseries12 #dwseries12 #jodiewhittaker #millenniumfx #sfx #specialeffects #creatureeffects #conceptdesign

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Pol-Con-Don has her moment in the light inside Gloucester Cathedral.


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I hear your voice, its like an angel sighing…. A Judoon having a Madonna moment! #doctorwho #bbcdoctorwho #judoon #likeaprayer

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Judoon actor Matt Rohman poses on a bridge over a canal in Cardiff.

Judoon actor Richard Price had several photos and a video to share.

Judoon actor and stuntman Andrew Burford:

Neil Stuke, who played Lee Clayton:

John Barrowman has his Captain Jack makeup done.

An Barrowman expresses his excitement about Captain Jack being back on Doctor Who and curiously calls his stole spacesip a “TARDIS”. Do you suppose that it is?

Jo Martin shared a selfie of herself as the Doctor.

The recording of the score for Fugitive of the Judoon.

You can’t have a warlike species like the Judoon without the sound of drums.

We will continue to bring you behind-the-scenes content as each episode of Doctor Who Series 12 airs.