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Doctor Who: how Steven Moffat sounded Chris Chibnall out about the showrunner’s job

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With Doctor Who series 11 well into production, and now that Peter Capaldi has regenerated into Jodie Whittaker, a new era of the show is underway. Steven Moffat is no longer overseeing the show, and in his place has come Chris Chibnall.

One of the jobs that Chibnall gets as part and parcel of that is the Production Notes column in Doctor Who Magazine, and he’s penned his opening piece in the new issue, that’s just gone on sale. In it, he’s revealed the words that Moffat used when sounding him out about the Doctor Who job: “I’m sorry, but I’m about to derail your life”.

As Chibnall notes, “as opening gambits go, it’s a good one”.

Chibnall has declared too his intention to keep things under wraps as much as possible, working with “some familiar faces, some new ones” to shape the future of Doctor Who. He also confirmed that Nikki Wilson has been moved up to a full producer role, and that Tracie Simpson is production executive.

There’s no mention of, for instance, the yet to be confirmed but definite departure of Murray Gold from the show.

“The show continues to be made by people who adore it”, assures Chibnall. It returns to our screens in the autumn.