Doctor Who: Matt Lucas hints at a return

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One of the delights of Doctor Who series 10 was Matt Lucas’ character, Nardole. Following his debut in The Husbands Of River Song, Nardole travelled with the Doctor and Bill for the duration of series 10, but it had been assumed that, with the changes taking place on the show, he would be making an exit too.

But is that true? In a new interview with Den Of Geek to promote his new memoir, Little Me, Lucas talked about his relationship with Doctor Who fandom, and what it meant to him. And then he added that “I’m not sure my relationship with the show is over”, albeit tempering that with “but I can’t really go into great detail about that. It remains a big part of my life, let’s put it that way”.

Intriguing. Is he set to return to the TV show, or is there a Big Finish story or two in the offing? We wait and see.

The full interview is here.