Doctor Who, Rosa: Who is G.F.B.?

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Why does a 79th century criminal released Stormcage named Krasko carry an old battered leather suitcase full of temporal displacement equipment with the initials G.F.B.?

A still from the BBC Doctor Who Rosa trailer
Joshua Bowman as Krasko, BBC

One possible explanation is that Krasko is a descendent of the bus driver who called for Rosa Parks’ arrest for failure to surrender her seat on the bus he was driving to a white passenger.

Trevor White as James F. Blake, BBC

After Ryan and Yaz’s conversation about how things for people of color have changed though problems remain, it is discouraging to discover that a racist like Krasko would exist in the 79th century.

Krasko is undoubtedly a racist but his motivations could also be personal. He could possibly be trying to deliver his ancestor from the infamy he earned from the bus incident.

James F. Blake, J.F.B.; that’s a striking similarity to the G.F.B. initials on the suitcase.

It would be distressing to the Blake family to suggest that one of their descendants becomes a racist criminal in the future so perhaps this could possibly be an abandoned plot thread.

Time will tell whether or how this G.F.B. mystery is resolved.