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Doctor Who series 11: new director now confirmed

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UPDATE: Whilst Mark Tonderai hasn’t been officially announced as the director of Doctor Who series 11’s second block of episodes, he clearly is. The shoot has been in and around the Cape Town area of South Africa this past week or two, and Tonderai’s Instagram account has now revealed that it’s headed to the desert for filming…

In the desert in South Africa shooting.

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And in a further update, he’s now also finally confirmed that he is indeed working on Doctor Who

Yeah doing The Who.

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Tonderai is directing at least two episodes of the new series.


Doctor Who series 11, headlined by Jodie Whittaker of course, is currently filming an episode in South Africa as part of the second block of episodes for the new series. And thanks to the sleuthing work of the excellent Ruther2 on Twitter, it looks as if we know who’s directing that block.

Mark Tonderai, director of films such as Hush and House At The End Of The Street, is reckoned to be directing the second block of episodes. The discovery was made thanks, in time honoured fashion, to an actor’s agent listing. In this case, Gareth Marks, who’s playing ‘The Police Officer’ in the new series…

Tonderai, whilst not officially announced, has fine form in television too, with shows such as Gotham, Lucifer and The Five to his name.

Filming continues on the new series.

UPDATE: Another top spot from @Ruther2 – block two of Doctor Who series 11 features episodes 2 and 3 of the new series. The first block covered episodes 1 and 7.