Doctor Who Series 11 SPOILERS: new monsters discovered

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One of the Doctor Who Series 11 creature actors posed for a photo with a fellow creature actor, Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill.


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What an absolute honour and privilege it was to film this! #drwho #doctorwho

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“What an absolute honour and privilege it was to film this! #drwho #doctorwho,” Paul Sturgess writes on his Instagram post.

Sturgess, the tallest man in the UK , is dressed in a long, brown, multi-layered tattered robe. The creature he portrays has a white, very mole-like head with no eyes and a long, tubular snout. The monster’s hands are white with long fingers and claws.

His fellow monster is dressed in leather, comparatively smaller, and resembles a goblin with pointed ears.

The Doctor has an old-fashioned yellow camera with a strap around her neck.

There’s no word yet on where and when in Doctor Who Series 11 these monsters will appear.

Update April 12, 2020: Paul Sturgess played a monster whose scenes were cut from the Series 11 episode It Takes You Away. He re-posted the photo on his Instagram.