Doctor Who Series 12: filming with aliens in Cardiff

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A few brief scenes for Doctor Who Series 12 were filmed with three actors during a night shoot on Spencer Street in Cardiff on Monday August 5. A film crew blocked off the street and put up cones in the daylight hours, setting up the scene before nightfall.

One actor played an alien in a blue gown and long white wig seen in the video in this tweet.

An extra who played a passerby gave a few curious backward glances as she passed by the alien, who had the appearance of an oddly dressed and coiffed human.

Yet another actor dressed in a black robe was seen filming scenes with the first alien. He was also portraying an oddly dressed alien in human guise.

The actor playing the first alien approached the second alien and was overheard saying:

“What do you think it feels like for them ‒ to be such tiny, ephemeral flashes of existence?”

Smoke was released to lend atmosphere to the scenes.

The scene filmed was possibly a pickup for an earlier filming block.

There is no word yet on the identity of the actors.

We will bring you more information as Doctor Who Series 12 production progresses.