Doctor Who Series 12: something is coming for the Doctor

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During an interview at Roath Lock Studios at the end of Doctor Who Series 12 filming on September 24, showrunner Chris Chibnall hinted at a possible series arc.

“I think we’ve got some amazing monsters. It’s probably a bit scarier. The thing is with Doctor Who, you’ve got to hit all of the notes… We’ve definitely got some bigger action set pieces. We’ve got some old monsters coming back. We’ve got some really brilliant new monsters. And there’s a little thread trickling through.”

There is a line of dialogue in the trailer for the series which could indicate a series arc. In a voice-over of some footage of the Doctor sitting in the TARDIS by herself, she is herd to say:

“Something’s coming for me. I can feel it.”

There is no hint yet on what that something is. A reference to a Timeless Child in the Doctor’s past in The Ghost Monument from Series 11 was never explained.

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We will continue to bring you news on Doctor Who Series 12, including the official announcement of the series premiere date (which is very likely to be New Years Day) as we learn more.