Doctor Who Series 12: the Cybermen are back!

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We previously reported that creatures that resembled Cybermen were photographed at the Doctor Who filming at Nash Point in Wales on August 22.

We can now confirm that there were actors in Cyberman costumes, thanks to an Instagram post from a person who witnessed the filming. Out of the two photos in the Instagram post, the second, a closer shot of the actors walking past, is decidedly conclusive.

The Cybermen appear to be of a new design with spikes on their greaves, the part of their armour that covers their lower legs. Their armour could possibly be designed to look like knights of the same time period as the robed character who resembles a wizard from the Nash Point filming on August 21.

The filming is likely for one of the episodes in the fifth filming block, consisting of Episodes 9 and 10, possibly the Series 12 finale.

We will bring you more news of Doctor Who Series 12 as we learn more.