Doctor Who showrunner hints at future story set in China

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In an interview published in China Daily, Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall said that fan reaction to the show in China has been “thrilling” and hinted that the Doctor could travel there in a future series after Series 12.

“The last series had more than 100 million viewers worldwide. It’s a real privilege to do something that spreads around the world like that,” he said. “Streaming means the show is now available to a much bigger audience, so, for me, the fan response from China in particular has been thrilling and unexpected. The doctor won’t go to China in this new series, but would we like to do a story set in China? Yes, it’d be amazing.”

A recent series of posters featuring the Chinese-styled artwork of Feifei Ruan thrilled Doctor Who fans all over the world, including Jodie Whittaker, who plays the Doctor.

“I love those pictures,” said Whittaker. “If it wasn’t a bit weird to have a big picture of myself on the wall, then I’d definitely have them! I’m not on social media, so I’ve not experienced it directly, but I know there has been enough interaction to make it clear that the show is watched and enjoyed all over the world. That’s amazing.”

Chibnall explained how Doctor Who Series 12 will be differ from Series 11.

“Season one was all about access. You want as many new people as possible to get interested and involved, but the new ones delve deeper into the doctor and her companions. It finds things from the past.”