Doctor Who: the actor who fell asleep during a big Peter Capaldi speech

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Filming on the second episode of Doctor Who series 10 came involved a big Peter Capaldi speech – and a quick snooze!

Pearl Mackie, the brilliant Bill from Doctor Who series 10, has been doing a webchat interview with The Guardian, and has thrown in a fun anecdote from her time on filming the show.

When asked her funniest memory of working on who, she cited the filming of series 10’s second episode, Smile. In her words, “we were filming a big scene with lots of supporting artists. Peter had this big speech and he’d pressed the reset button and everyone had collapsed. So the SAs [supporting actors] were all lying on the floor for quite a long time. And everyone’s silent, listening to Peter’s big speech”, she explained.

“Then suddenly you could hear this sound of snoring. Ridiculous, actual snoring. The guy on the floor didn’t even wake up. Someone had to go over and give him a nudge”.

As for her advice for the Doctor’s new companions? Quite simply, “learn your lines”!

The full webchat can be found here.