Doctor Who: Village of the Angels – behind the scenes

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Village of the Angels, written by Maxine Alderton and Chris Chibnall, is the fourth chapter of Doctor Who: Flux.

What follows are select behind-the-scenes media from the cast and crew of the making of the episode.

The Official Behind-the-Scenes Video:

A glimpse of slates from videos from filming indicates that Village of the Angels was originally meant to be the fifth episode of the thirteenth series. The ordering of the stories into what became the six-part Flux must have changed sometime during production.

Digital Content Creator Bright Branch Media:

Jemma Churchill (Jean):

Director Jamie Magnus Stone:

Costume Assistant Ian Fowler:

Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics Specialists Square Peg:

Setup for the Doctor to Weeping Angel Transformation:

The next episode of Doctor Who titled Legend of the Sea Devils, will air in Spring of 2022.