Doomwatch film (1972)

Doomwatch — coming to Talking Pictures (film not TV series;-(

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Doomwatch is coming to Talking Pictures TV! Before you get too excited, it’s the 1972 film only

As part of a horror double-bill for Friday, April 9, Talking Pictures TV is showing the Doomwatch film from 1972. It was made after the widely-plauded TV series finished, and of the central cast (Ian Bannen, Judy Geeson and John Paul), only Paul appeared as a regular in the TV, and is back as Dr Spencer Quist. It was written by Clive Exton and, in the US, released as Island of the Ghouls.

The Plot involves Dr DeL Shaw (Bannen) who goes to an island off the coast of Cornwall (some of the film used Mevagissey as a location), to investigate the pollution caused by an oil-tanker accident. If you lived on the South Coast in the 1970s, this was not at all uncommon. When there he finds something more sinister is going on, involving dumped chemical and mutation.

IMDB gives it a score of 5.5/10, whereas Rotten Tomatoes only manages a 20% audience score. On that basis we hesitate to recommend making a point of watching, but we will certain be setting our recorders and taking a look at some point soon. You see more in the trailer Talking Pictures tweeted. You can catch Doomwatch on Friday 9 April at 11:05 pm.