Fourth Doctor audio adventure to be released on vinyl

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Long before the tenth Doctor’s adventure in The Unicorn and the Wasp, the Doctor encountered alien Vespids in The Hornet’s Nest, a fourth Doctor audio adventure recorded in 2010.

The unique audio was Tom Baker’s remarkable first return to the role of the Doctor since his television departure.

In May of 2022, The Hornet’s Nest will be available in limited edition vinyl from Demon Records for the very first time.

When Captain Mike Yates is reunited with his old friend the Doctor, he finds him besieged by a powerful race of insects intent on global domination. As the Time Lord recounts his recent adventures across the centuries, it becomes clear that the fate of mankind is in the hands of the Doctor, Mike and the peculiar Mrs Wibbsey…

Each package of vinyls contains an exclusive, frameable portrait of the Fourth Doctor – every copy of which has been individually signed by Tom Baker himself.

A die-cut removable outer sleeve houses a hornet-adorned lidded box, inside which are 10 individual, exquisitely illustrated LP sleeves containing alternating yellow and black vinyl discs featuring full cast and credits for each story; The Stuff of Nightmares, The Dead Shoes, Circus of Doom, A Sting in the Tail and Hive of Horror.

Also included is The Doctor’s Journal, a large 16-page full colour booklet detailing the Time Lord’s notes and illustrations from his battles against the hornets.

This full-cast audio adventure by Paul Magrs stars Tom Baker as the Doctor, with Richard Franklin as Mike Yates and Susan Jameson as Mrs Wibbsey. The supporting cast includes Daniel Hill, Christian Rodska, Michael Maloney, Stephen Thorne and Rula Lenska, and sound design is by Simon Power, alongside the familiar Doctor Who theme from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

You can pre-order The Hornet’s Nest on vinyl now ahead of its release on 6 May, 2022.