Dark Gallifrey: Morbius – Big Finish reveal trilogy story details

The epic series begins with a trilogy starring Samuel West as the despotic former Time Lord President. Earlier this month, Doctor Who audio producers Big Finish revealed its plans for a new four-year series named Dark Gallifrey. The epic 24-part saga will feature villainous renegades from the Doctor’s own race and explore them across eight … >

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Doctor Who Season 15: The Collection Blu-ray range

Doctor Who – The Collection – Season 15, featuring Tom Baker’s fourth season as the Fourth Doctor is the next release to come to Blu-ray later this year. The announcement is accompanied by a specially-shot trailer featuring Leela vs the Time War, written by series contributor Pete McTighe (Kerblam! and Praxeus) and featuring Louise Jameson’s … >

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Doctor Who's Omega from 'The Three Doctors'

The Box of Terrors – Doctor Who audio novel review

Big Finish celebrate Doctor Who‘s 60th Anniversary with the story of an impossible meeting between Omega, two Doctors… and two versions of Sarah Jane Smith!  While audio producers Big Finish were frenetically degenerating Doctors in the monthly-released saga Once and Future, the show’s 60th Anniversary itself saw the release of a more traditional multi-Doctor tale. … >

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Doctor Who - The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Angels and Demons cover art crop

The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Angels and Demons audio review

Tom Baker concludes his twelfth series of audio adventures with a bumper boxset of four stories. Angels and Demons sees the irrepressible Fourth Doctor travelling with Leela (Louise Jameson) and Margaret Hopwood (Nerys Hughes). Angel and Demons is comprised of four stories – three two-parters and a ripping four-part encounter with the Weeping Angels. The … >

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Doctor Who and the Ark cover art crop

Doctor Who and the Ark – The Lost Stories 7.1 audio review

Big Finish adapt an earlier draft of the tale which eventually became ‘The Ark in Space’.  You’d be hard pressed to find a Doctor Who fan who doesn’t hold ‘The Ark in Space’ in high esteem. However, Tom Baker’s second story came to the screen via a rather tortured path. Initially penned by another writer, … >

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Doctor Who Lost Stories - Genesis of Terror Big Finish cover art crop

Daleks! Genesis of Terror – Doctor Who The Lost Stories audio review

Big Finish explore Terry Nation’s original plans for the story which became the classic Genesis of the Daleks.  Over the years, audio producers Big Finish have breathed life into numerous lost Doctor Who Stories. Drawing on a variety of sources, such as unmade scripts and proposed storylines which never entered production, they’ve unearthed some gems … >

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Doctor Who Once and Future 1 - Past Lives Special Edition cover

Doctor Who – Once and Future: Past Lives audio review

Big Finish begin their audio celebration of Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary with Once and Future: Past Lives, a Tom Baker led tale that involves the Meddling Monk and modern-day UNIT. With the Doctor struck by a degeneration weapon, he’s sent spinning through a cascade of old faces before settling on his Fourth incarnation. Believing the … >

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Doctor Who Once and Future 1 - Past Lives Standard Edition cover crop

Once and Future: Doctor Who 60th Anniversary audio series begins

Once and Future: Past Lives kicks of the Big Finish Doctor Who anniversary celebrations.  Updated 03/05/23: It’s release day for Once and Future: Past Lives. Big Finish’s Doctor Who 60th anniversary celebrations start today with the first part of Once and Future. The multi-part, multi Doctor series releases monthly and will feature various actors who … >

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