Ginny & Georgia defends top spot

Ginny & Georgia defends the top spot on the Nielsens — or does it?

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Ginny & Georgia defends the #1 slot in the Nielsens for 15-21 March (US viewing) but our deeper analysis tells a different story

It’s the time of the week when we release our squadron of androids from cryosleep to process the latest data on US streaming habits from Nielsen. The headline story is another week at the top for Ginny & Georgia, but looking at our extrapolated episode watch count, there’s a different story.

The data

As ever we take the published data and add in some analysis of projected episode and series watches. These are only a projection — the detailed data no doubt tells a richer picture. Our columns (and a row this week — see later) are marked with ‘*’.

Rank Streamer Series # Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Series Watches* Episode Watches*
1 Netflix Ginny & Georgia 10 60 540 900,000 9,000,000
2 Disney+ The Falcon And The Winter Soldier 1 50 495 9,900,000 9,900,000
3 Netflix The Crown 40 60 449 187,083 7,483,333
4 Netflix The One 8 42 405 1,205,357 9,642,857
5 Netflix The Lost Pirate Kingdom 6 43 316 1,224,806 7,348,837
6 Disney+ WandaVision 9 40 252 700,000 6,300,000
7 Netflix Last Chance U: Basketball 8 55 192 436,364 3,490,909
8 Netflix Bridgerton 8 60 186 387,500 3,100,000
9 Netflix The Great British Baking Show 65 65 182 43,077 2,800,000
10 Netflix Lucifer 75 50 174 46,400 3,480,000
10* Netflix Lucifer* 18* 50 174 193,333 3,480,000


Ginny & Georgia defends the title but the real winner is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

We suspect next week’s winner will be the new entrant from Disney+ as the number of episode watches shows The Falcon and the Winter Soldier eclipsed everyone else. It’s already been reported as the biggest premiere watch ever on Disney+, so we shouldn’t be surprised.

Closer inspection shows The One had a good week as well, and episode count places it at #2. WandaVision has had it’s moment in the sun, but is still one of two Disney+ titles in the top 10. The Crown holds onto the halo effect from that Oprah interview, and Bridgerton is ticking along. Also a good performance from The Lost Pirate Kingdom.

What about Lucifer?

We have a slight obsession with Lucifer and see it has bubbled back into the chart. As before, the Nielsens have quoted 75 episodes, but there are only 18 on Netflix. We show both versions of the Lucifer data, and if you order by our episode watch number, Lucifer comes in at #8. Expect more chart action from Lucifer in coming weeks — the confirmation of season 5B date was conformed on March 30.

Next week we predict Falcon… will top the chart and expect celebration from Disney+. We’ll see you then.