Adrian Hodges confirms that ‘Survivors’ is ‘finished’

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Based on Dalek creator Terry Nation’s original Survivors series, which ran from 1975–1977, Adrian Hodges’ remake aired on BBC One for two series between 2008 and 2010.

Hodges told Sci-Fi Bulletin: “It’s finished. I’m very proud we got two years out of it. I’m glad that the fans who did like it really liked it. I think the BBC should have done a third year; I wish they had, but there you go. I have to accept that the overall audience figures we got weren’t strong enough.”

He continued: “There are many reasons why things don’t click – and I take full responsibility for everything that was good and bad about the show. Perhaps the timing was wrong for it: the world entered a very gloomy phase, and perhaps it didn’t need that sort of post-apocalyptic show at that point.”

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Discussing how far he had planned a possible Series 3, the Primeval co-creator added: “It is very frustrating. I had some storylines developed and I knew where it was going to go with key characters. I bonded with the cast who were fantastically committed to it. Max [Beesley] is still grumpy about it and says the BBC should have done it.”

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