Terry Nation Celebration

Terry Nation Celebration at Big Finish kicks off with Blake’s 7

Welcome to the Big Finish Terry Nation Celebration! Blake’s 7 creator Terry Nation would have celebrated his 91st birthday on 08 August, and Big Finish is commemorating his work with discounts on a range of audio dramas which feature the characters he invented, including Doctor Who, Dalek Empire and Survivors. Blake’s 7: The Classic Adventures … >

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Doctor Who Dalek Universe 1 cover art

Dalek Universe 1 – Doctor Who audio boxset review

Dalek Universe 1 draws David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor back to a time before the Time War. Without his TARDIS, he hooks up with the Space Security Service, in the first of three boxsets which comprise the Dalek Universe series. Buying Time & The Wrong Woman Abducted by an unknown force, the Doctor finds himself in … >

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Remembering Doctor Who’s first script editor

Any features that look at Doctor Who script editors have to – by law – be called something like ‘Script Doctor’. I really wanted to call these articles ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Bryants’ but apparently that doesn’t lend itself to search engine optimisation. Also, to be pedantically technical (the best kind of technical), David … >

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Rewind: ‘Blake’s 7’ revisited

It’s hard to believe that 33 years ago today, television viewers tuned in for what would turn out to be the final episode of Blake’s 7, Dalek creator Terry Nation’s seminal science-fiction space opera. A definitive cult classic from the off, blending gritty pulp sci-fi with boys-own adventure and occasional moments of camp, the show … >

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Big Finish’s ‘Survivors’ Series 1 audio boxset review

The latest boxset from Big Finish might at first seem somewhat of a departure from their regular sci-fi staples of Doctor Who and Blake’s 7. Based on the post-apocalyptic television show from the mid-1970s, Survivors actually has plenty of connections to both, coming from the pen of Dalek creator Terry Nation and sharing plenty of … >

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