BBC abandons plans to use AI to promote Doctor Who after complaints

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In a post on BBC Complaints, the BBC stated that they have no further plans to employ generative artificial intelligence to promote Doctor Who.

Summary of complaint:

We received complaints about reports that the BBC is exploring generative AI in Doctor Who promotion.

BBC response:

As part of a small trial, marketing teams used generative AI technology to help draft some text for two promotional emails and mobile notifications to highlight Doctor Who programming available on the BBC.

We followed all BBC editorial compliance processes and the final text was verified and signed-off by a member of the marketing team before it was sent. We have no plans to do this again to promote Doctor Who.

From observation of social media reaction to the BBC’s Doctor Who AI promotion plan, the primary objection appeared to be the assertion from BBC Head of Digital Media Inventory David Housden that “Doctor Who thematically lends itself to AI”.

While Artificial Intelligence may be a science fiction high concept, AI is typically depicted in Doctor Who as a threat to humanity.

Fans can now be assured that any plans the BBC had to utilize generative AI in its promotion of BBC content will no longer involve Doctor Who.