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BBC to remove scene from Doctor Who previews to protect surprise?

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Early reports on ‘World and Enough Time’ suggest that a scene will be “redacted” from review screeners… But what’s in it?

Early reports suggest that a scene will be removed from all preview files of ‘World and Enough Time’, presumably in order to protect a big reveal that the shows creators want to keep a secret.

According to Mymbuzz’ Dave Golder, the removed scene is “NOT the final scene, surprisingly.” he then goes on to comment that “What is satisfying is that we can’t even begin to guess (from context within the episode) what it might contain!”

Considering his preview on the episode says that there are several scenes towards the end that would have made good cliffhangers, it does make one wonder exactly what is so important that it was felt necessary to take such a step. The answer is that, for now, we simply don’t know – and presumably very few people will until Saturday evening.

Dave does point out that the episode is “not exactly epic, but there’s a lot of setting up for an epic finale,” and that “There’s a genuine jaw-on-floor moment early on, and no timey-wimey or robot double get out clause.”

These are both statements that make the redaction all the more intriguing.

We would usually expect to get our access to previews on Wednesday, so we can’t confirm or deny this report yet. As soon as we can, we will.


3pm: We reached out to the BBC for confirmation on the missing scene reported above. We received a reply informing us that the scene missing from some a very early versions of the episode was, in fact, the opening scene.

We were also told that, by the time we see our preview version of ‘World and Enough Time’, the scene will be there in all of its glory.

Our contact described it as “very exciting” too! 

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