Dean Lennox Kelly ‘intimidated’ by David Tennant on ‘Doctor Who’

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Discussing his 2007 episode of Doctor Who, ‘The Shakespeare Code’, Kelly told CultBox: “It was amazing. Amazing. A lot of fun to work on – especially on The Globe stage. But I think I could have done a better job with that. I look back on it and I think, I could have done something a bit more.”

He recalled: “It’s quite intimidating acting with David Tennant … especially [with] his energy as The Doctor. Really, he’s like a train. He just absolutely drives it. You really just have to keep up with him. When someone is [so] absolutely confident in himself and his choices and what he’s doing – it’s hard. Slightly intimidating. But fun, he’s a lovely fella.”

Many commented on his portrayal of the Bard in Gareth Roberts’ story, comparing him to a rock star, the former Shameless star told us: “The director would say to me, ‘Think Liam Gallagher with the mind of genius!’ Woah! What a direction that is! He was a celebrity rock star, wasn’t he? I wasn’t doing a biog, was I? [laughs]”

On the subject of Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary special and the possible return of Shakespeare, the actor lamented: “No. No coming back for Bill.”

Looking back on his short involvement in the show, Dean was enthusiastic and appreciative of the attention he received (and still does). When news of his casting broke, fans were quick to contact him, he revealed: “Doctor Who is extraordinary. Even when I got cast, I started getting fan mail. I hadn’t even done it yet, I was getting fan mail. You know, I nearly had a little figurine made. That close but it just didn’t happen. Would have been amazing, a little figurine!”

Written by Lucy Gannon (Soldier Soldier) and starring Torchwood‘s Eve Myles, BBC One’s Frankie is “a modern and redemptive take on the life and work of a dedicated district nurse whose patients matter more to her than her personal life”. The six-part drama series begins next month.

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