‘Doctor Who’ actor: ‘Dorium becomes a bit of a hero’

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Following a brief role in the opening sequence of Series 5’s ‘The Pandorica Opens’, Fisher-Becker returns to Doctor Who as a key character in this weekend’s mid-series finale, ‘A Good Man Goes To War’.

Fisher-Becker told CultBox: “It’s a major part in the storyline, Dorium becomes a bit of a hero! Dorium is at heart a good guy, but he lives in the murky depths. He works in the murky world of black marketing, so that’s why River Song went to him to get the vortex manipulator [in ‘The Pandorica Opens’].”

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The star, who played the Fat Friar in Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone, also revealed that he had no idea he’d end up returning when he filmed his original part last year: “I was very happy to have my six lines and to be sat opposite Alex Kingston. I mean, people were saying things like ‘we must have you back’, but to be honest that’s said all the time – so, as much as I hoped, I didn’t hold my breath. What’s happened subsequently is far beyond any expectations.”

‘A Good Man Goes To War’ airs at 6.40pm on Saturday 4th June on BBC One.

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