Doctor Who: Karen Gillan on her Who highlights

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Since Karen Gillan departed Doctor Who, she’s built an impressive movie career for herself, thanks to her roles in the Guardians Of The Galaxy films, and Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle. Furthermore, she’s debuted her movie directorial debut too, the impressive The Party’s Just Beginning. We reviewed the movie here.

In a new interview with Gamespot, she’s been chatting about an assortment of her acting work, and the subject of her Doctor Who time came up. She was asked about the highlights of her time working on the show, and she straight away admitted that there were plenty to choose form.

“I think it has to be… this is a bit of a boring answer, but it’s working with the two guys I was working with, Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill”, she said. “We became like family – I mean genuinely, they were like my brothers. And I don’t have any brothers, so I now know what it feels like to have really annoying brothers”.

She added that “we just had such a good time together and experienced this crazy show together, which took us all from obscurity and catapulted us to this different life. I don’t know, it was just like this mental time in our lives, and it was great”.

“I still keep in contact with them and we still have fun nights out together and stuff like that. We tend to reminisce on our time on Doctor Who more than anything”.

Awww. The full interview with Gillan can be found here, and it’s well worth a read.