Doctor Who Series 12: night shoots in Cardiff

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There were several Doctor Who night shoots in Cardiff in the evening of October 29 and into the early morning of October 30 until 4:00 a.m.

The most intriguing portion of the night filming occurred inside Cardiff Castle, where main cast cars and and some Dalek props were spotted going inside. Bradley Walsh was in London so wasn’t present for the filming.

One of the other night shoots occurred on the corner of Wharton and St Mary Streets in Cardiff with a crowd of extras. Approximately 20 extras were filmed looking frightened as they spied something above them, then ran down the street in fright toward some explosions, as seen in this video filmed by Nick Pasquet.

Other fans posted photos and videos from the Cardiff city centre filming.

There is more filming happening at Maindy Barracks on October 30, also likely a night shoot and likely the last location shoot of Series 12 before they wrap principal photography sometime this week.

We will continue to bring you news on Doctor Who Series 12 as we find out more.