Doctor Who: The Giggle — full cast list

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A cast list for the third and final Doctor Who 60th anniversary special, The Giggle, was released in Radio Times Magazine.

The giggle of a mysterious puppet is driving the human race insane. The terrifying Toymaker holds the human race in his grasp. When the Doctor discovers the return of his old foe, he is powerless as he faces a fight he can never win.

David Tennant: The Doctor

Catherine Tate: Donna Noble

Ncuti Gatwa: The Doctor

Charlie De Melo: Charles Banerjee

Neil Patrick Harris: The Toymaker

John Mackay: John Logie Baird

Alexander Devrient: Colonel Ibrahim

Ruth Madeley: Shirley Anne Bingham

Jemma Redgrave: Kate Lethbridge-Stewart

Tim Hudson: Edward Lawn Bridges
Nicholas Briggs: Voice of the Vlinx
Lachele Carl: Trinity Wells
Leigh Lothian: Voice of Stooky Sue
Karl Collins: Shaun Temple
Jacqueline King: Sylvia Noble
Yasmin Finney: Rose Noble

Stooky Bill is the name of the puppet that Scottish inventor John Logie Baird uses in his early television experiments so it’s surprising that Bill has a counterpart named Stooky Sue voiced by Leigh Lothian, who typically does voice work with a Scottish accent.

Another surprise in the cast list is the Vlinx voiced by Nicholas Briggs, who is most famous for voicing Daleks among other Doctor Who creatures.

Fans may remember Trinity Wells, an American newsreader played by Lachele Carl. Wells reported alien encounters for AMNN in the 2006 Doctor Who episodes Aliens of London and World War Three.

The Temple-Noble family is a nice addition to which fans can look forward.

There is one more cast member observant fans have spotted in the background of both a trailer and publicity stills for The Giggle. Since this actor remains off the official cast list, it is reasonable to assume their appearance in the special is meant as a surprise.

Here are a few screen shots and stills from the special:

Written by Russell T Davies and directed by Chanya Button, The Giggle, the last of three Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials starring David Tennant as the Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, will be available on 9 December at 6:30pm exclusively on BBC One and iPlayer in the UK and Ireland and exclusively on Disney+ everywhere else at 18:30 GMT on the same date.