‘Doctor Who’ writer Jamie Mathieson up for Season 9 return

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Writer Jamie Mathieson has revealed that he has “massive folders full of Doctor Who ideas”.

The Being Human writer penned two episodes for Peter Capaldi’s debut season, ‘Flatline’ and ‘Mummy on the Orient Express’.

Speaking exclusively to CultBox in October, Mathieson commented: “I would love to [return next year]; that would be great. I had a great time working on it. I’ve heard tales of writers finding it quite hard – I mean, there were a lot of rewrites on both of these episodes, but I’m quite happy to do that. Any time Steven Moffat comes in and says ‘I’ve got a great idea for your episode, it should be this way’ and you go ‘ah brilliant, that’s much better’. And he does that a lot!”

He explained: “That’s the great thing with being in a writers’ room with Steven Moffat. A problem that’s been troubling you for a week, he’ll come in and go ‘it could be this way’ and he’s fixed it and you’re eternally grateful!”

Doctor Who Mummy on the Orient Express

Mathieson added: “If my computer ever gets hacked, there’s massive folders full of Doctor Who ideas! I’m a massive nerd, so I’ve been thinking about aliens and robots and ghosts since I was about 5 – there’s a whole life of me thinking about this kind of stuff.”

Asked if a future episode could see the Doctor return to Brighton (home of Mathieson and CultBox), he joked: “Haha I think if I did then people would see it as incredibly self-indulgent. I’d have him land right outside my house for no good reason. And of course it would be a beach in Wales doubling up for Brighton!”

Doctor Who Brighton

Doctor Who returns later this month with ‘Last Christmas’.

Season 8 was released on DVD and Blu-ray last week and Season 9 begins filming in January.

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