‘Doctor Who’ writer Moffat explains why the TARDIS disliked Clara

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Steven Moffat has explained why the TARDIS disliked Doctor Who companion Clara.

The storyline is one of many mysteries from Clara’s era that was left partially unsolved.

It was first established in 2013’s ‘The Rings of Akhaten’ and ‘Hide’.

The minisode ‘Clara and the TARDIS’ on Season 7’s box set further developed this relationship between them.

Asked in the new issue of DWM about the reason behind the TARDIS’s treatment of Clara, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat responded: “The TARDIS, being aware of all time simultaneously, was also aware that Clara was the precise motivator that would drive the Doctor to an extreme that was dangerous for all time and space.”

He added: “She knew, that although the Doctor loved her very much, she was bad for him and that the coming of the Hybrid would be the result of their association.”

We still don’t really understand what the heck the Hybrid was all about, but there you go.

Doctor Who Hell Bent barn

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