‘Doctor Who’ writer unsure if third Craig ep will happen

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Doctor Who writer Gareth Roberts has revealed that he doesn’t think a return for Craig Owens is likely now that Matt Smith has left.

James Corden played Craig alongside Smith’s Doctor in 2010’s ‘The Lodger’ and 2011’s ‘Closing Time’, both written by Roberts.

Speaking exclusively to CultBox, he explained: “I’m not sure if it would work with Peter [Capaldi]. It’s a shame we didn’t do another one [in Season 7]. There was a plan to do it, but James [Corden] was on Broadway and it couldn’t be sorted out.”

Roberts added: “We were even going to do a thing where we filmed him for a couple of days in New York and had him on a screen with Matt [Smith], but we couldn’t make it work. I had an idea what that third story would be, but it’d be nice to do it with Matt.”

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The writer hinted at what the third Craig story might have involved: “I had this idea where Craig and Sophie were going to get married and were on this beautiful island somewhere near Greece and it was all going fine, then you turned around and saw the Doctor water-skiing away from a Sea Devil. Then you’d have Craig trying to keep him out of the wedding.”

Asked what he imagines Craig, Sophie and Alfie are up to now in 2014, he commented: “I think Craig and Sophie are still marvellously in love and Alfie is growing up fine – in the best fictional world they’re having a really nice happy ending.”

Roberts also told us that he would love to see William Russell return to Doctor Who as original companion Ian Chesterton.

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