‘Frankie’ writer on Series 2 plans

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Set in the world of district nursing, the first six-part series launched in May and stars Eve Myles (Torchwood) in the title role alongside Dean Lennox Kelly (Shameless) and Derek Riddell (Garrow’s Law).

Discussing the show’s return, the writer told CultFix: “The BBC have the final decision, the only decision really, as it’s their money that makes it. So far, there’s no decision either way.”

Gannon teased: “We have some great strong, shocking (in the best way!) storylines for Series 2, if we are commissioned. All our characters have great life stories and there’s enough conflict there to keep us going forever. They’re young people with great ambitions and potential so they can go anywhere in storyline terms.”

She added: “Frankie could go for 9 or 10 series. I don’t think that any series should go beyond that as they get lazy, repetitive, tired. Some should stop at much less, but I think there are enough characters in Frankie to keep it going for 9 anyway.”

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