Gareth Roberts hopes to return for ‘Doctor Who’ Season 9

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Gareth Roberts wants to write an episode for the next season of Doctor Who.

Roberts has previously written six Doctor Who episodes, including ‘The Shakespeare Code’, ‘The Lodger’ and most recently ‘The Caretaker’, as well as many episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Speaking exclusively to CultBox, he revealed: “I would hope [to return for an episode in Season 9], I don’t know really; it’s up to the great powers that be.”

Asked if he’d like to write his first Doctor Who episode set in the future, following episodes set in the past and the present day, Roberts commented: “Yes, I would like to do something quite different. I like doing the down-to-Earth stories, but it’d be nice to do something a bit futuristic and wilder. But it’s one of those things where it’s much better to have a niche as a writer than not having a niche! You can’t complain too much about it cos it means that people think ‘he can do that’!”


The Wizards vs Aliens writer also discussed the possibility of him bringing back a classic Doctor Who monster: “I always try to think of something new. I grew up in the late ‘70s era where monsters didn’t come back. Also, I think when you bring back fewer things, when they do come back, it’s such an enormous shock. I remember as a kid when the Sontarans came back in ‘The Invasion of Time’, that was such a big thing for me. Three years feels like a lifetime when you’re a child.”

He added: “I think they’ve brought back a lot of the ones that the good concepts behind them. There must be something else out there that hasn’t been properly done. I know it sounds mad, but the actual idea of the Krotons is really interesting. But obviously they look really terrible! I think you’d have to find something with a really good concept behind it.”

Doctor Who the Krotons

Roberts also told us that he would love to see William Russell return to Doctor Who as original companion Ian Chesterton.

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Season 8 continues on BBC One next weekend with ‘Mummy on the Orient Express’.

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