Harry Hill and Jennifer Saunders for new BBC sitcom

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BBC One has announced a brand new sitcom, which will have Harry Hill in the lead role and Jennifer Saunders playing his mother. The series is being developed under a simple title – The Harry Hill Sitcom – which makes us think that it will centre on the idea of Hill playing a fictionalised version of himself.

A pilot episode will be shot on July 11th 2018 at Pinewood Studios in London. Producers are said to be describing the series as a “brilliantly mad story… with an all-star cast”, which sounds about right for any show with Hill at its core.

Hill’s own company, Nit TV, is producing the project for BBC (alongside CPL Productions, who make A Leauge Of Their Own). Nit TV launched last year and has already had significant success at placing shows on channels: Harry Hill‘s Tea Time was awarded a slot on Sky One, and Harry Hill’s Alien Capsule made it to air on ITV. And now BBC One is the home for The Harry Hill Sitcom, which has us wondering if Hill has a pitch prepared for every TV channel in the land.

It’s unclear which other celebs will pop up in the show, but the idea of casting Saunders as Hill’s mother – when, in reality, she is only six years older than him – is just the right amount of ridiculous for a show with both of their wacky comedic styles in its arsenal.

We’ll let you know as we hear more about The Harry Hill Sitcom. If the pilot episode goes down well at the Beeb, a full series will surely follow.

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