‘Humans’ to explore ‘next level’ of Synths in Season 2

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The writers of Humans have teased that Synths will have “gone a bit deeper” into society when the show returns.

The new sci-fi drama’s first season concluded on Channel 4 last month.

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Filming on eight new episodes will begin next year.

Chatting about where Season 2 will pick up, writer Sam Vincent told TV Line: “One of the ways we’re going to approach it is to move the world on a little bit — and I’m not talking jumping ahead years or anything. Just a few months. But what I mean is the synths in society: We’re going to the next level… They’ve gone a bit deeper. They’ve moved into new areas of employment. They’ve moved into new areas of our personal lives…”

He hinted: “You’re not coming back to a status-quo society. Things are developing fast, as technology does in all areas. There’s lots of new, society-wide effects which we’re going to tell stories in.”

Humans 2 Vera (Rebecca Front)

The writers have described Season 2 as “a further departure” from the storylines of the original Swedish series, Real Humans.

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