‘Humans’ writers tease Hawkins family return in Season 2

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The writers of Channel 4’s Humans have revealed bringing the Hawkins family back next season will be a “big challenge”.

The new sci-fi drama’s first season concluded earlier this month.

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Filming on eight new episodes will begin next year.

Executive producer Sam Vincent told TV Line: “We think the Hawkins family is such a great way into the story, such a great way to ground the story — the actors all did such a wonderful job with that.”

He added: “The big challenge for us is to create stories for [Season] 2 that bring the Hawkins family back into it. We can tell those ground-level, domestic, really emotional stories that we did in [Season] 1 but we can also tie them into the bigger story and the jeopardy-filled aspects of the plot… If we can do that, that’s very satisfying: to see these very ordinary human beings with these very extraordinary machines. We think we’ve cracked a couple of good ways to really tie them back into the big story.”

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Executive producer Jonathan Brackley also hinted that Joe and Laura’s apparent reunion following his indiscretion with Mia might not be certain: “We certainly didn’t intend it to be completely resolved. It’s too big a divide between them to resolve in such a swift way toward the end of that episode. At the very end of [the finale], when they come back into the room together, they exchange a look. We intended that look to be slightly ambiguous.”

The Spooks writer teased: “There’s certainly a note of division that’s something we’re going to explore in [Season] 2.”

Asked about their hopes for the long-term future of Humans, Vincent and Brackley joked last month: “Six seasons and a movie!”

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