John Barrowman and Alex Kingston want ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off

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The Torchwood star told TheTVAddict: “Actually, the first time Alex and I met each other … we didn’t even say anything, we just looked at each other and went, “Aaaaaahhh! My god!” We got a glass of champagne and started talking about how it would be great if River and Jack – actually, she said River and Jack should have their own TV show.”

Barrowman continued: “Then as we talked more, we realized that we’re both born on the same day. We’re both March 11th babies and we have so much in common. We like a lot of the same things and our attitude towards stuff is very, very similar. It struck a chord with us because that’s why River and Jack are very similar characters, in their attitude and their fun and their aggression, we are the same in real life – which is really ironic. So we struck it off.”

Kingston recently guest-starred on US drama series drama Arrow, although she didn’t share any scenes with Barrowman’s character, Malcolm Merlyn.

He recalled: “Then she came on Arrow, again we saw each other in the makeup trailer and just screamed. We both said, ‘Boy, there’s going to be some fan-gasms out there in a couple of weeks!’ It was brilliant.”

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