John Barrowman celebrates Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who casting in most John Barrowman way

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Former Doctor Who and Torchwood star John Barrowman has spoken at San Diego Comic-Con about Jodie Whittaker’s casting as the thirteenth Doctor, underlining his point with a celebratory costume choice.

He said: “If we buy into the world of Doctor Who – which we do, those of us who love it – we buy into it, we commit to it, we go where that TARDIS takes us.

“It doesn’t say that he will be a he all the time. We don’t know who he’ll regenerate into, so it could conceivably happen. If we forget the producers who are making the decision, if [we] believe it as that world – I’m getting really geeky and nerdy right here – it could possibly happen, it could be a girl. Right?

“The other thing is, we all get on that TARDIS, as I did, or you get in the TARDIS with the Doctor, whoever that may be, and we go in that TARDIS for the journey, and the experience, and the stories.”

The actor hit back at criticism that has greeted the casting decision, saying: “We have to wait and see what happens. So the people who are the critics at the moment, they have a right to be critical, but let’s give it a chance. How about that? Just sit down and give it a chance. When she took that hood off, I thought, ‘Oh okay, Captain Hack might like you’.”

“Give the Doctor a transgender companion, give him a boy, give him a girl, give him a little boy or little girl; we could have many different combinations. It can be open to a lot.”