Lucifer season 4 will be 10 episodes long, and it will have a presence at Comic-Con

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It’s a bumper day for Lucifer news, as the dust begins to settle on Netflix’s decision to save the show. The streaming service has picked up the rights to series – which was originally on Fox – and renewed it for a fourth season, sparking much fanfare on social media.

The series’ co-showrunners, Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, have now revealed the exact nature of the Netflix deal in an interview with TV Line.

The pair explained that Netflix’s initial order for Lucifer season 4 consists of ten all-new episodes, on top of the two ‘bonus’ episodes that were produced as part of Lucifer season 3. Those bonus episodes have already aired online, so it’s nice to know that Netflix is ordering ten brand new ones.

Lucifer season 1 had 13 episodes, Lucifer season 2 had 18 episodes and Lucifer season 3 ultimately had 26 episodes, so the 10-episode season 4 order from Netflix represents a reduced run for the Lucifer gang.

They don’t seem to be phased, though. Modrovich said, “We were going to have two parts to it anyway, so we’ll just tell a really strong, gnarly first part”.

Henderson also seemed positive about the shortened season, saying that it “lets us concentrate the story and focus it, and that’s what’s really exciting about this. We have a really strong first half that is now going to make for an amazing story.”

Production on these new episodes will start “soon”, according to Modrovich, who added that “August-ish” is the current estimate for the Lucifer season 4 production start date.

And if Lucifer season 4 does well on Netflix, everyone involved will get to come back and do it again for season 5. “There is always the potential for more,” Modrovich is quoted as saying, and in no way is this 10-episode fourth season intended as the final run for the show.

Additionally, Modrovich took to Twitter to assure fans that a Lucifer appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 is very much in the plan:

SDCC 2018 takes place between July 19th and 22nd. It’s likely that the team will just be gearing up for production at that time, making the iconic convention a perfect opportunity for the gang to celebrate with their fans before getting back to business in a big way.

We’ll keep you posted as more Lucifer news arrives.