Matt Smith was told who the new Doctor was early – after he begged to find out!

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On the day that Jodie Whittaker was unveiled as the new Doctor Who, a few people already had the information. Not many, though, with the vast majority of people who work on the show also kept in the dark.

But one man who knew? That’d be Matt Smith.

What’s more, it turns out that he knew simply because he begged for the information! He was chatting at Boston Comic-Con over the weekend, and he told the crowd that “I was literally – I was phoning people high up at the BBC going ‘you have to tell me who it is. There’s a week to go, I want to know’”.

“I have a right to know”, he joked.

The BBC relented, and he got his information. Then he had to keep mum about it, as you might expect!

You can see him tell the story here…