Doctor Who Flux Halloween Apocalypse

New trailer and casting news for Doctor Who: Flux

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A new trailer, cast details and images were released for Doctor Who: Flux.

What follows is a breakdown of the the released images plus scenes from the trailers.

The Doctor and Yaz on their adventures

“I can’t help feeling that some of this is my fault.”

Meet Dan Lewis and his mysterious friend with a strange-looking “wristwatch” played by Craige Els.

Plasterer Dan Lewis (John Bishop) listens as his friend reads his horoscope
Dan’s work mate (Craige Els) reads him his horoscope

Karvanista (Craige Els)

Dan Joins Team TARDIS


Sontaran ships in a terrestrial industrial yard

Crimean War and Mary Seacole

Crimean War nurse Mary Seacole (Sara Powell) “Who are you?”

“[Jodie Whittaker] was a legend. As were the cast and crew: indoors, outdoors, in winter, in Wales in the rain and mud, everyone wearing masks and being tested every 5 minutes: I loved stepping onto their ship and riding with them for a while.” ~ Sara Powell

British Crimean War soldiers fighting Sontarans
A Sontaran ship explodes as the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), Mary Seacole (Sara Powell) and a British captain (Gerald Kyd) look on
Gerald Kyd as a British captain
The Doctor races toward the TARDIS on the battlefield
Yaz (Mandip Gill), Dan (John Bishop) and the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) surrender

Sinister skeletal aliens. Could these be the Flux?

Vinder (Jacob Anderson) meets the aliens as they materialise on platforms
Vinder (Jacob Anderson)

Weeping Angels

A character played by Annabel Scholey must contend with Weeping Angels

“Halloween will be that little bit more spooky this year!” ~ Annabel Scholey

Weeping Angels in a scene filmed at Friars Point House in Wales

Alien Scenery

Actress Thaddea Graham in a scene with red vegetation
Actors Thaddea Graham and Blake Harrison
Actors Blake Harrison and Thaddea Graham

Another Time-altering Episode

Yaz (Mandip Gill) in period costume
“There’s no use in being squeamish. We’ve got a future to save.”
The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) with a character played by Kevin McNally

“I am thrilled to be helping the Doctor put the universe to rights in the latest season of Doctor Who.” ~ Kevin McNally

A character played by Craig Parkinson

The Cybermen are Back

And the Ood

The Doctor and the TARDIS are on the Job

“Why don’t I know anything about this? And who else does?”

As are Yaz and Dan

“Run for your life!”
“Maybe we should have broke that to you a little more gently.”
“We don’t have any more time!”

Additional Cast

Penelope Ann McGhie as Mrs Hayward “It’s happening again.”
Actor Robert Bathurst “Very odd.”
Jacob Anderson as Vinder “What is that?”

The first episode of Doctor Who: Flux will premiere on October 31, Halloween of 2021.

There will be three additional specials in 2022, airing on New Year’s Day, spring, and a BBC centenary special in autumn which will be the last for Jodie Whittaker’s thirteenth Doctor.