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Russell T. Davies claims the next Doctor Who has been chosen

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Russell T. Davies has let slip that he knows who will be replacing Peter Capaldi.

If, as Russell T. Davies asserts, “everytime you pass comment on Doctor Who, they go mad… they literally phone me up and say ‘can you stop talking about the program Russ'”, we’re pretty sure he’s going to have a couple of answerphone messages pretty soon. Possibly from Chris Chibnall.

Because here we are reporting on an interview the show’s former head-honcho did with guyslikeu. The point of us mentioning said interview is a simple one. As charming as all of Russell’s chat about the Big Bang Theory and how much he likes Charlie Hunham is, the real juicy bit of the is his claim that he knows who the next Doctor Who will be.

That, of course, would mean that a decision which has been the cause of so much speculation for months has actually been made.

He, of course, declined to reveal who that person was. He was however, pretty unequivocal in asserting “and I do know who it is”.

You can see it here, with the Doctor Who talk starting just after the three minute mark.

Whoever it is that takes on the role, is expected to make their first appearance in the show’s Christmas special, which will be the final outing for current Showrunner Steven Moffat, and the current occupant of the TARDIS, Peter Capaldi.