Sir Lenny Henry “regenerates” into David Tennant in Doctor Who sketch for Red Nose Day

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A hilarious sketch starring David Tennant and Sir Lenny Henry was shared on March 17 as part of Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day special on BBC One.

Sir Lenny Henry claimed to feel sick while introducing the annual show, declaring “What I need is a doctor!”

Right on cue, he “regenerated” into David Tennant dressed as the Fourteenth Doctor while the Thirteenth Doctor’s theme played during the amusing sketch.

Red Nose Day 2023 Doctor Who intro

“I know these teeth. What? What? What? I’m going to be hosting Comic Relief? What? Ahh!” puzzled Tennant, checking his watch as he rushed off to host Red Nose Day while the Doctor Who theme played.

Red Nose Day 2023 Doctor Who introRed Nose Day 2023 David Tennant

Later in the broadcast, a Dalek auditioned for Eurovision.

Red Nose Day 2023 Dalek Eurovision entry

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